Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My World//Life Update

I haven't had time to post anything new in awhile. I have some free time down here at my dad's now that I'm through cleaning and can finally sit and write a new post! Life has been sooo busy and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed!
For awhile now I've been stressing about money and I finally thought to pray and ask God to help me find another part time-job and two days later my cousin messaged and asked if Marita and I were interested in taking over cleaning one of her houses for her! I wanted to say "no!", its a huge house (six bathrooms!) and very fancy so I was/am scared to death, but God said "you prayed for a job and I am offering you one. What you going to do?" and so I said a very unwilling yes.
We cleaned it yesterday (Tuesday) and I was there from 9am to 5:30pm. Marita came after work and helped me finish up. It was hard and overwhelming and I'm hoping/ praying we get better and faster at it. I'm not thrilled with it but you do what you have to do. :)
I work everyday of the week now except every other Wednesday. Its kind of exciting! Along with working I babysit twice a week, clean, and make supper once a week as part of my rent. I rarely have weekends as I'm either babysitting or cleaning on Saturdays. So Sunday is really my only free day. Its exhausting.
I came down with the flu a week ago today and was pretty sick for a few days, I still don't feel 100% and I feel like I'm still in a fog. Hope I come out of it soon. It just feels yucky.
I'm very much looking forward to spending a weekend away this month with all five of my sisters! We haven't gone away together in many years, this will be the first time since I've become an adult! So its exciting! Though I will admit it makes me a little nervous. lol :P
Also very much looking forward to another road trip this year in July, this time to church conventions! They are in Minnesota and we are hoping to drive through my dad's childhood town and see his childhood home! I've never seen it so I hope it works out!!
Also we hope to see Mt. Rushmore and I'm excited about that too! lol
Probably one of my clearest and earliest memories is of Mt. Rushmore. I'm not sure how old I was, maybe 1 1/2 or 2 yrs. I remember looking at the faces, it was getting dark and they turned on lights and I remember watching the faces light up and I loved it! Just a short memory but its so clear in my mind. So I really want to go back there.
Running out of time so guess I'll have to say goodbye.
Goodbye! :)



  1. I'm glad God has provided you with jobs!! I sure appreciate the work you do for me! I'm excited and nervous about our weekend away, too!! I've never left my husband and kids before except that ONE time that us sisters stayed at the hotel in BG for one night... And that was in 2010 (I was first pregnant with Elijah, not feeling the greatest, AND it was my birthday, so I remember it all clearly... Crazy how life has changed since then!). Praying your cleaning job gets easier and more enjoyable and also that our weekend away is extra blessed!! Love you!

  2. So nice to hear from you :) I will pray with you about your new job, that it will get easier!! I am also super excited but nervous about our sister trip. I have never left Leon besides that one other time us sisters went away and my hospital stays when pregnant.

    1. should add... never left Leon AND my kids at same time besides that one time and plus hospital stays. And we have been married for almost 23 years!!! :D ( he has left me.. went hunting quite a few times plus went to AK twice and AZ without me:p)

  3. I'll be praying about you all and your new jobs!! Hope you sisters enjoy your time away. Enjoyed your update! :)

  4. Loved hearing from you!
    Life sometimes gets rolling and you feel like you are just desperately hanging on for dear life?
    "Stop the world and let me off. I'm tired of going round and round."
    Hang on. It will slow down, I promise!
    So glad you found another job, even if it is scary. I would be nervous too!
    Praying your trip is blessed <3

    1. Yes that's exactly how I'm feeling! lol I have been singing that part of the song for days!

  5. Loved! Praying your job is exactly what you need! And I hope our sister weekend is blessed:-)

  6. LOVED! Praying you do good on your job! <333