Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Stuck At Home//Whooping Cough//Life

Me this morning lol

Saturday I went along with Felicity and the rest of the bridal party dress shopping! I had fun and even shed a tear when I saw Felicity in a wedding gown and veil! That was a bittersweet moment.
It was a reminder of how fast things change and with something new there's always a goodbye of some sort.

Saturday night I stayed up late watching Answers in Genesis and listening to Ken Ham. I was really looking forward to going to church in the morning. I got up and showered as usual and was getting ready for church when Molly told us that August had/has whooping cough and that we couldn't leave the house. I was so disappointed that we had to miss Sunday services. We (the whole house) are on an antibiotic for whooping cough and cant leave the house for at least five days. So needless to say I've got a lot of time on my hands since we cant go to work. I have been catching up on a lot of reading and "studying" though I'm not in any classes I've been reading and watching a lot of science, astronomy and history (of the space age and all the different types of crafts they have made or attempted to make) books and movies and trying to catch up on years of schooling I've missed in science. Though there's a lot of different subjects like math that goes along with all that stuff also.

I woke up around 6:30 this morning due to coughing, I think I have whooping cough also. :(
I have coughing fits around bedtime and in the mornings.
Even though I woke up from coughing I wasn't feeling too bad and I had a relaxing quiet morning with a cup of coffee and friends snapping me on snap-chat, not to mention my sisters texting in the "sister group". :) Its almost lunchtime now and I'm still in my pajamas!
Probably going to spend the afternoon cleaning and organizing our bedroom. We are also making supper tonight so got to think about that.

I guess I have nothing else to say. I'll leave you with a few quotes. ;)


Saturday, October 7, 2017

Random Pictures and Quotes

Here are some pics of my life mixed with random quotes. Sorry guys, most of my posts are probably going to be like this.
I find it easier to just quote people than to come up with my own words... πŸ˜›

View from Silver Star

In Cokato MN

Storm clouds somewhere in South Dakota

I can't believe this girl is getting married!! πŸ’–


Auntie and niece πŸ’›

So I'm gonna make a confession, sometimes I pray for random people, actors, singers, politicians, a person I see in town or on the road. So when I saw this quote I loved it!

I don't remember when or where I took this...

Marita in South Dakota

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Blue Sky Tag

The Blue Sky Tag
Felicity tagged me for "The Blue Sky Tag". Thank you so much for tagging me!

The Rules:
Thank the person who tagged you
Answer the 11 questions
Tag 11 people
Give them 11 questions


1. Do you prefer tea or coffee? And what kind? (black or with cream and sugar, herbal tea, lattes, etc.)
Coffee! With cream and sugar, sometimes I do enjoy a black cup of coffee, but mostly with cream and sugar or coffee creamer.

2. What is one childhood hobby that you wish you'd kept pursuing?
This ones hard... cant think of one. For a little while I collected stickers but not sure I wish I kept pursuing that. ;)

3. What is one book/verse from the Bible that has inspired you lately?
Psalm 63

4. What season of the year is your favorite, and why?
This is a hard one! I think I love each season the same. If I really had to choose it'd probably be summer. :)

5. Favorite childhood memory
Probably Marita and I at the ranch. we had two small whicker baskets that had handles and we played they were sunbonnets and we would pretend we were ladies living on the prairie, gathering flowers, "food" (rocks and grass), and making the woodshed into a home. we'd "sew" (tape) construction paper together and made clothes (that we actually wore!) and rugs and blankets for "our home".

6. What is your favorite way to relax and de-stress?
Watching science (fact or fiction) movies/documentaries or reading non-fiction books (all genres).

7. What quote/verse has inspired you the most, and why?
"Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established." Proverbs 16: 3
I've found that when I commit everything I do to God, no matter what it may be, my thoughts seem to be clear and positive. I'm happier and less stressed (easier said than done tho). It helps me stay focused on Jesus. My mom used to tell me that everything we do should be for God and not man.

8. What would you say is the hardest season that God has brought you through so far? Looking back, what did He teach you through that lesson?
I feel like I'm going through the hardest one right now, though I've been through a couple hard seasons, losing my mom etc. or maybe its all just one long season? I'm a slow learner but I'm learning to trust God in all areas of my life, big or small.  Learning that Jesus has to be my all and that even tho people and relationships change Jesus is always faithful.

9. Where would you like to be in 10 years?
Hopefully married.(!) If not married than hopefully working an interesting and fun job with a good income! :) And maybe can say I've been to at least three other countries! :P

10. What is your dream vacation?
Seeing as much as I can of the English Isles, Europe, Asia, Hawaii, and Canada! lol ;P

11. Why did you begin blogging?
I felt outta the loop! Hehe

I cant think of anyone to tag so guess if you haven't been you are now! same questions too. ;)


Friday, June 9, 2017

Life's Lessons//Goodbyes//Relying On God

My First Goodbye
When I was a little girl life was a fairytale. I grew up playing in fields that once were raspberry fields and were now just rolling hills of tall grass. I walked, ran and just sat in them, "fighting Indians", "walking across the Oregon Trail" or was Laura Ingalls and always by my side was "my" dog Lad. He was my first friend, my first love and I thought he'd always be there by my side. I had no worries or fears. But we all have lessons to learn in this life and it seems mine are to say goodbye.
One day or morning I should say, I woke up and came down to the kitchen and ran to find Lad where he always was before, sleeping on an old rug on the deck by the back door, but this morning he wasn't there and I knew something was wrong. I asked my mama where he was and she told me the sad news that he was dead. I felt like my whole world had come crashing down, my heart was broken. It was my first bitter taste of grief. The first time I felt the reality of life. That was my first goodbye.

The Second Goodbye
Lets go ahead a few years. I'm nine years old. Before I was born my mama was diagnosed with brain cancer and though she had had surgery to remove the tumor it wasn't all removed and the cancer has come back. My mama's battle to survive has begun and it didn't take long for the mama I knew and loved to disappear and a tired and weary woman took her place. There was no more morning breakfasts made by her loving hands to start off the day, no more bedtime readings or prayers. No more trips to the store or her delicious suppers. No more carefree days, but days spent in fear of another seizure, another trip to the hospital. It was going to bed at night knowing I could be awakened to be told the ambulance was coming again to take mama to the hospital. My mama and my childhood were gone. That was my second goodbye.

The Third Goodbye
Five years later, when I was the tender age of fourteen I watched my mama take her last breath. Her weary body had finally had enough and she left this world to spend eternity with Jesus. Once again I tasted the bitterness of grief. Another goodbye. (I don't remember much of what happened the first years after her death, my first clear memories I have are when we were living in SC, two years later.)

The Fourth Goodbye
I'm sixteen, my dad has remarried. They remodel my childhood home, and in a sense a piece of my mama. At a time I need security and stability once again my world is turned upside down. My home is gone, my mama's kitchen, her old rocking chair, my bedroom, and our old way of life with it. My fourth goodbye is for my earthly home.

The Fifth Goodbye
Since I was three years old there was a place that always stayed the same. Through all the hard, sad, crazy, foggy times and all the other goodbyes it was always there. It was The Ranch. Not a real working ranch but a cabin in the mountains of Oregon. A place where we drove and rode four-wheelers, had bonfires and family gatherings. Camping, swimming in the river, exploring the woods. Wildlife was everywhere and the wild flowers brought color to the otherwise mostly brown world of the ranch. It was where I felt the closest to God, where I found rest for my weary soul and body.
It was the closest thing I had left on earth to a real home. But once again goodbyes must be said. The Ranch was sold, no more can we visit the beautiful world of wildflowers, humming birds, river swimming, four-wheeler riding, carefree ice-skating on the pond, sledding down the snowy hills days of the ranch. So a fifth goodbye.

Lessons Learned
Through all my life, through all the goodbyes there is one lesson I have learned. It is that there is a God. He is real and alive and always there. I've learned that Jesus is not only in the days of my childhood, a house or at the ranch. He is with me, in me. I'm slowly learning that no matter what, I will be ok, that goodbyes aren't really the end and even though He might take something, someone, someplace from me, He will never be taken from me! And like chapters in a book, when one comes to an end another one starts so is life like. Each of us must live out our chapters one at a time till Jesus comes to take us home and we close our book with The End and fly to our Heavenly home.
So I will, with Jesus' helping hand, live each chapter of my life for Him! For that is the only purpose of life, where we find the true meaning of our lives and true peace.
Its been a long hard road and I know there's more ahead. But With Jesus as my guide I'll reach my destination. :)