Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Day In Town

Today I did just that. I got a card in the mail a few days ago reminding me it was time to renew my drivers license! Ugh! I kept putting it off (I couldn't renew it online as I'm not yet 24) dreading having to drive downtown.
Then today I just had a peaceful feeling that today was the day to get it over with.
So I showered, dressed in my best clothes, did my makeup, drank some coffee and said a little prayer.
On the way down to the Licensing Department I stopped to eat lunch. I sat down waiting for my food to come when I realized I'd left my cellphone in the car. "Now what?" I thought. I sat there feeling a little silly, being alone and not even having a phone to "do something on". Around me were small groups of friends or others (mostly working men on lunch breaks as school wasn't out yet), alone like me, but on their phones.
Slowly I realized I felt relaxed and "free" without a phone, I found myself thinking about life, other people and then found myself praying. As a person came into my thoughts I'd say a little simple prayer for them and continued on till I had eaten all my food and was ready to leave. I didn't "have" to check Facebook to see what was new and spend all my time scrolling up and down seeing the same old posts and depressing news updates as I would have had I had my phone.
I left feeling completely at peace and not anxious about the drive (If you know me you know I hate driving!) and made it safely to my destination.
Renewing my license was a lot easier and faster than I'd thought it'd be, taking maybe only a half hour in all, and I was on the road again.
I didn't feel like going home yet so I drove to the library and browsed the books and movies, taking my time and enjoying the quiet atmosphere, taking in my surroundings and people watching.
All in all it was a good blessed day! :)
I'll leave you now with a few random quotes. ;) 



  1. Awe! I LOOOOVVEDDD this!! *hugs*
    And those quotes? *dies*
    I'm glad you did it, got it over with, and in the end felt blessed. I love days like that. Little moments that you suddenly feel like the most blessed person in the world and life couldn't get much better. I felt that way a few days before New Years when me and my sisters randomly headed to Walmart after supper. When we were driving home, it was dark, we had music going and suddenly fireworks burst above the buildings of "The Big Town", and I felt happy. ;)

  2. Awe...that's awesome!! I too, love days like that!! I am so glad it was a blessed day for you!! <3 <3

  3. Awe! That's so cool! I'm so glad you had a blessed day! *hugs* I love moments like that. <3 <3

  4. Sounds like a lovely day and I'm glad you were blessed with it!

  5. Oh my, I loved this!! <3
    It is sad how much time every one spends on their phones these days, forgetting to breathe in the real world. And most importantly, forgetting to pray!

    So glad your day was blessed!

    1. I know! I think everyone should have a time of day when they set aside their phones, computers or whatever and just live! :)

  6. Oh, I'm so glad! I love those days that leave one feeling so blessed! :)