Monday, January 23, 2017

INTP Personality//ME

I thought it would be fun to do a post about my personality and let you all get to know me a little better! I got a Pinterest account and have been addicted ever since! I spend hours looking at and reading quotes. I like quotes because I find it hard to find the right words to express myself of any kind of emotion in my own words be it happy or sad. ;) So here are a few quotes that might help you understand why I am the way I am! ;)

 I've been told I'm too truthful at times. I guess I have a hard time
knowing when to say and not to say things 'cause I like to know the truth about myself... :P

 This is true and annoying at time... Its hard.

 Please don't feel offended, its nothing personal. :)

 This is so true! Its very annoying for myself and
for those who know me as well.


 This one is very true, I don't know why I feel
this way and I try very hard to believe people when they
say or do nice things....


 Ugh! This is the main reason I stay quiet, I just cannot
get what I want to say from my head to my mouth!


 I know I'm strange... :/

 Hmmm.... ;P


Well there it is... :)



  1. Yup, these quotes do sound like you :):)

  2. =D I enjoyed this post!
    They're all you! ;P

  3. They sound like you and I'm kinda that way too. ;) I'm on Pinterest too :)

  4. Loved!
    I can never remember what "my" personality is? *shrugs*